Katja Husen: Green politician died after a bicycle accident


    Katja Husen is dead. The longtime Green politician died as a result of a serious fall at the Rosenheim Cycle Marathon.

    Mourning for Green politician Katja Husen from Hamburg. At the 29th Rosenheim Cycle Marathon in the state of Bavaria last Sunday, the 46-year-old had a bad fall on her racing bike. Although she had worn a helmet according to the police, she now succumbed to her injuries, as can be read on the website of the Greens from Hamburg, among other things. Husen leaves behind her partner and a daughter.

    “Katja Husen was literally ripped out of life. Her premature death leaves us stunned. Just a few days ago she was enthusiastically talking about the planned bike marathon where she had the fatal accident at the weekend.” State Chair Maryam Blumenthal (37) and her deputy Leon Alam.

    Active in the party for many years

    “Katja’s energy would have been enough for three,” the page continues. Husen has been a member of Bündnis 90/Die Grünen since 1997. “Whether as a member of the parliament, a member of the federal executive board, a member of the state executive board, a designated district office manager or a candidate for the Bundestag: we are losing a very smart, combative person with her heart in the right place and a good friend.”