Prince William and Duchess Kate now had rare, private insights into their four walls. The palace released a recent photo of the heir to the throne’s living room, and you can tell it’s gotten a lot more colorful after a makeover.

Prince William and Duchess Kate received New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern in their living room on the first weekend in July. In honor of the distinguished visit, Kensington Palace released a photo that shows a close look at the heart of the family in Apartment 1A.

So this is how Prince William and Duchess Kate live with their children George, Charlotte and Louis. Despite having three children, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridges are banking on white sofas. The royal interior design impresses with colorful accents, such as the base of the lamp on the antique console, the eye-catching cushions, the lampshades or the opulent curtains. Of course there is an antique painting on the wall, in a frame that is just as pompous as the rest of the furnishings. However, the royals have added the colorful highlights.

A glimpse into Kate and William’s living room

The last time you saw their living room was in April 2016. At the time, then-US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle were guests at Kensington Palace. Since then, some colorful changes have taken place in the couple’s reception room. The more neutral-colored space at the time featured a large, octagonal ottoman in the center of the room, upholstered in a cream-colored fabric and featuring intricate gold detailing.

Instead of the chairs on the right side of the picture where Prince Harry and Prince William sat, there is now a comfortable sofa. The room looks more homely on the current shots. Then as now there is a lot to discover in the central room. The framed photos have been swapped out for newer ones over the years, there are vases, candles and decorative items to welcome guests.

Royal expert Christopher Warwick once said on the podcast “Royal Beat” that the name “Apartment 1A”, which Prince William and Kate live in with their children before they move to Windsor, gave the wrong impression: “All these royal residences in the Kensington Palace is called apartments, which of course immediately makes people think they’re smaller apartments. They’re not small. Kensington Palace is built around three courtyards alone.” According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, residential unit 1A alone will have 21 rooms. This includes three bedrooms, five reception rooms, bathrooms, dressing rooms, children’s rooms for day and night as well as bedrooms for employees and other ancillary rooms. Before her death in 2002, Princess Margaret, the Queen’s younger sister, lived in Apartment 1A.

Quelle:Mirror, Stylebook