First a nine-year-old was missing, now a body has been found. Investigators assume that the boy is the missing person.

In the case of a missing boy in the Dutch border town of Kerkrade, the police have found a body. The investigators assume that it is nine-year-old Gino, who had been looking for since Wednesday evening.

The police said on Saturday in Kerkrade in the south-east of the country. A suspicious man had already been arrested on Saturday night.

The body was found in Geleen, about 25 kilometers from Kerkrade. That’s where the suspect was arrested. The police did not say whether the body was also found at the man’s apartment. According to the police, the site was cordoned off over a large area, and experts secured traces.

The boy actually lived in Maastricht and had spent a few days with an older sister in Kerkrade. He still wanted to play football on Wednesday evening. When he wasn’t back around 7:30 p.m., the nurse called the police.