Kicker Grenell still going to resign

the Infamous US Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell in the coming weeks going to leave this post. According to the German Agency DPA, his place may be temporarily appointed Robin Quinville, 2018 occupying the position of counselor at the U.S. Embassy in Berlin.

Grenell, openly gay and proud of the US state Department, represents the diplomatic interests of their country in Germany in may of 2018, reminds RIA Novosti. In February 2020, Grenelle appointed acting Director of national intelligence, however, the U.S. Senate approved DCS, John Ratcliffe, who will shortly be sworn in.

In February, Grenell stated that he wants to stay on a post of the US Ambassador in Berlin, but in early March the American portal The Daily Wire reported that he had notified the White house of his intention to resign.

on the Eve Grenell criticized the foreign Minister of Germany Heiko Maas for his reaction to the announcement of Washington’s plans of withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. According to the Ambassador, instead of complaints about the US response to the Maas should increase pressure on Russia in recent years, so that Moscow has fulfilled its obligations.

Earlier, the German foreign Ministry wanted to send Grenell from the country with the formulation “for interfering in the political life of Germany.” Diplomats outraged by the statements of the American Ambassador about the support the conservative forces of Europe. Even more outrage in Berlin have caused the news that Grenell, is actually himself while visiting in Germany, invited me to lunch, Chancellor of Austria, Sebastian Kurz. However, he declined the invitation.

In January 2019, the German tabloid Bild published fragments of the controversial writings of the German Ambassador. Throwing decency and diplomatic conditions, Grenell then directly and in writing demanded from the companies-participants of “Northern stream-2” is to abandon the project under threat of us sanctions.