After Kim Cattrall’s “Sex and the City” came to an end, the actress is turning her attention to her new Netflix series “Glamorous”.

Kim Cattrall (65) has landed her next big role. After ending her role in Sex and the City, she’s starring in the new Netflix series Glamorous as a makeup mogul. This is reported by the industry magazine “Variety”.

“Glamorous” was originally ordered as a pilot on “The CW” in 2019. The series tells the story of Marco Mejia (Miss Benny, 23), a queer person who works for Madolyn Addison (Kim Cattrall). The job helps Marcos find out what life has in store and what it means to be queer. Netflix has commissioned the first 10 episodes of the series. The project will begin shooting in Toronto in July.

“New Girl” star Damon Wayans Jr. (39) and Kameron Tarlow of Two Shakes Entertainment are producing, along with Jordon Nardino, who wrote the series. CBS Studios will produce.

For her it was over with “Sex and the City”

Cattrall received five Emmy nominations for her portrayal of Samantha Jones on “Sex and the City.” In six seasons of the series and two films, the now 65-year-old played alongside Sarah Jessica Parker (57), Kristin Davis (57) and Cynthia Nixon (56). After she turned down the script for the third installment in 2017, the series’ spinoff, And Just Like That…, was filmed without her. In May, Cattrall told Variety, “There is great wisdom in knowing when is enough.” The way forward seemed clear to them.

Cattrall is working on other projects

Meanwhile, the Hollywood star has been seen on the Hulu series How I Met Your Father. She plays the older version of Sophie (Hilary Duff, 34) who tells her son about her life. The “How I Met Your Mother” offshoot has been available on Disney in Germany since June 8th. Cattrall also stars in the Peacock reboot of Queer as Folk as a wealthy New Orleans grandmother. In addition to Robert De Niro (78), she also takes on the leading role in the comedy “About My Father”.