Kim Fisher opens up about fears she suffered from in her early 20s. At the time, she thought she was “alone with this crippling feeling.”

Kim Fisher (53) is known, among other things, as a “Riverboat” presenter, but is also successful as a singer, author and actress. For the new episodes of the ARD telenovela “Rote Rosen”, the 53-year-old not only starts as an actress, but also sings the new season song “More”, which will be released on June 3rd. And that’s not all: The single is the harbinger of an album entitled “Was fürs Leben” and will be released on July 22nd. Kim Fisher will also be touring with her songs in September.

In an interview with the news agency spot on news, the singer reveals how she gets all her projects under one roof. She also talks about a time in her early 20s when she suffered from anxiety: “It would have helped me a lot to know that it would go away,” says the 53-year-old.

You are a moderator, actress, author and you are still making a musical start. How do you manage to reconcile all of this?

Kim Fisher: Actually, I’m more of a long-distance runner. If I come, I’ll stay for now. Since I can’t remember the year and, interestingly enough, it doesn’t mean much to me, I can’t say exactly how many years I’ve been making “Riverboat”, for example. Definitely long. Wonderfully long. So I tend to focus on one or two things all the time. Sometimes that just sounds like a lot. And the music, please let it stay for a very, very long time. I plan to spend a lot of time with her!

You started your music career back in the 90s. Why is it now time to reconnect?

Fisher: The music never went away. It was just either not as public when I sang with my band at galas, or I set the stage for others when they were on the show and sang with me. And that’s exactly what kept asking me: “Why don’t you sing anymore?” Because somehow I thought: “Oh nonsense, do it.” I’ve always learned: In Germany, only one thing works. And because I already had a lot of work to do with moderation back then, I played it safe.

Everything looks very different today. Today you just like it when someone is passionate about something and wants to do more, and today I dare. And to be honest – I just wasn’t done with the music yet. Knowing that what we’ve been working on for the last four, five years is finally getting published makes me incredibly dizzy and excited. How often have I played different versions of songs to my friends, talked about them all night long, got an ever-growing team on board … Now I won’t be able to stop me.

In your early 20s you struggled with anxiety. How do you look back on that time today? What did you learn from it?

Fisher: Even today I would still say that I didn’t need the experience. And maybe that sentence isn’t true at all. Because you probably become what you encountered in life. But fear of fear is pretty bad. And no matter how hard you try, you can’t see what you’re supposed to learn from it. I had this experience when I was about twenty. I thought I was alone with this crippling feeling.

Today you google your symptoms, the characteristics of your feelings such as tachycardia, fear of fainting, panic, and then you at least know that you are definitely not alone. It would have helped me a lot at the time to know that it would go away. And above all how. It’s also life. But at the end of the day I will have taken something away from it. I am quite well balanced and have a fine radar.

There are almost more photos of your dog Fritzi on your Instagram profile than of you. What role does your four-legged friend play in your life?

Fisher: I just think this dog is sensational! The best decision in years. I’m in the woods for an hour or two every day. Without Fritzi I would be like that every two weeks. What I do professionally, I would do again and again. But that alone is not my life. I also really like just walking with a dog, without a mobile phone, with a tow leash and without high heels.

You recently revealed in an interview that you currently do not love anyone. What do you enjoy about being single? Do you sometimes wish for a new love?

Fisher: Love, love, love – it’s lived, not talked about.

You really start again with Ü50. Apart from music, what big adventures are on your plan for the next few years?

Fisher: How about a hiking vacation? Anyone come with me? I’ve hated that all my life. I think I’m ready now.