Kim Kardashian is accused of some cosmetic procedures. She denies this and reveals what she does for her looks instead.

Kim Kardashian (41) is the beauty benchmark for many women around the world. Rumors have circulated in the past about what’s natural about Kardashian’s face and where it’s believed to have been touched up. In an interview with the US magazine “Allure”, the 41-year-old again denied surgical interventions on her face.

She openly admits that she has currently injected “a little Botox” above the eyebrows. However, she now uses the nerve agent less than in the past. She doesn’t have any fillers with hyaluronic acid on her face. When asked if she hasn’t had her cheeks or lips filled in, the reality star replies, “No fillers. I’ve never used them, ever.” She has never had her eyelashes lengthened.

Appearance is more important to her “than 90 percent of people”

Still, she admits that looking good is really important. “I probably care about more than 90 percent of the people on the planet,” she admits. As a mother, it is not easy to take the time for this. Therefore, she takes care of her beauty routine in the evening. “After everyone is in bed, I do laser treatments,” she reveals.

It is important to her to continue to look natural despite cosmetic treatments. “I’m 41. I’ve always wanted to look appropriate,” she explains. “There comes a point when you’ve overdone it—too many fillers, too tense, too many cosmetic procedures. There’s nothing worse.”

As early as 2019, the mother of four contradicted rumors of a nose operation during a master class by her make-up artist Mario Dedivanovis (38). “I never had my nose done,” she said at the time. The 41-year-old also repeatedly denied a “Brazilian Butt Lift”, i.e. a surgical enlargement of the buttocks. In 2011, she had her butt x-rayed on Keeping Up with the Kardashians to prove she didn’t have any implants.