Kiselev commented on the dreams of the Ukrainian

Ukrainian officials all dream of hard sanctions on Russia and complete isolation. The first President of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk is one of those who signed the Belavezha accords on the dissolution of the USSR, again, dreaming.

“If that’s how it was — a complete financial-economic sanctions and a complete political and diplomatic isolation, Russia would have behaved quite differently. But when we say “sanctions”, and the European countries participate in the “Nord stream”, you say, “how can we do to mitigate the sanctions to lift the sanctions?” It’s not talking to anyone, and the President of France, which is one of the participants of the Minsk process and meetings in the channel format. That is to say there is one, then the other, and do the third,” — said Kravchuk.

In the dreams and actions of the characters. Cockily in Germany behaves Ukraine’s Ambassador to Berlin Andrew Miller. With characteristic diplomacy, Kiev swagger he suggested that former German Chancellor Gerhard schröder bet that the more in life will see the return of Crimea to Ukraine. Schroeder did not hurry to answer. And recently returned to the theme of the meaninglessness of anti-Russian sanctions, as if casually called Miller “the dwarf.”

“don’t annoy each other with sanctions. I was trying to indicate that it is true for Russia. Why, then, is whether the Ambassador, or former Minister for foreign Affairs, a dwarf with a Ukraine criticizes me? It interests nobody, even in Germany,” said Schroeder.

Meanwhile in Kiev, the Minister of foreign Affairs Kuleba decided, apparently, to finally bury the dialogue with the Donbass, declaring that he sees no future in place the current leadership of the rebellious republics. And all this against the background of intensified shelling of Donbass.

“If the security system will be the withdrawal of troops, restored control of the border, where the occupying administration? Answer: nowhere,” — said Kuleba.

And then Kuleba has mysteriously added that Kiev would have to resort to “plan “B”. About it in the administration Zelensky saying since last year, increasingly hinting that it will be implemented if “the plan “a”, that is diplomatic, it will fail.

Text: “News of the week”