She has just spent her vacation in the USA with Mats Hummels, now Cathy Hummels is confronted with new press reports about her estranged husband. And the influencer reacts casually.

Cathy Hummels just honored her son Ludwig’s father, husband Mats Hummels, with a post on Instagram. She has known him for so many years, wrote the influencer, and “even if our family life is very special and different, we always have the most beautiful thing in common: the most valuable person, namely Ludwig”.

Despite numerous rumours, the Hummels have been keeping quiet about the state of their marriage for a good year. Instead of giving interviews, both present themselves as a unit – for the benefit of their child.

Cathy Hummels reacts to kissing photo by Mats Hummels

Now photos available to RTL show Mats Hummels with another woman in Mallorca hugging each other while snogging. And Cathy? She is currently in Austria, where she is hosting an event. She invited “Let’s Dance” star Motsi Mabuse to the “Strong Mind Retreat by Cathy Hummels”. Hummels hardly has time to be distracted by press reports about her husband. And yet the 34-year-old could not resist a funny dig.

In her Instagram story she posted a screenshot of the article about Mats Hummels in the “Bild” newspaper. There, readers can read the news about the footballer behind the payment barrier. “Why are all the articles I’m interested in always picture plus and blocked?” Cathy Hummels wrote about the screenshot and added a winking smiley. “I’ll keep working like crazy on my retreat,” she also commented.

Clear thing: The point in terms of quick-wittedness goes to Cathy Hummels in this case. She confidently shows that the press reports don’t bother her. And she sticks to the pact she made with her son’s father: “We’ll do everything possible to make sure he’s happy and has a nice, carefree life.”

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