Hamburg Wellingsbüttel is a district in the North of Hamburg, in the single-family homes and town road villas shape image, and where there are especially a lot of nature. In the idyllic green district of the same name that nursery is situated in the street Rabenhorst. This is according to a report in the “Hamburger Morgenpost” in the criticism.

The day-care centre advertised with the well-ordered financial Situation of the parents in the district, a majority of the parents were self-employed. The concept also contained the remark that only a few families with an immigrant background would take the advice of the nursery. Only the impression of an elite clientele, but also to the presumption, the nursery would reject children with an immigrant background. The Kita Rabenhorst received anonymous emails and phone calls with verbal abuse.

such A “social area analysis” needs the nursery now, no more

On demand of the star to the institution of the kindergarten Katrin Geyer, a public Relations officer in the Elbkinder confirmed that each of the selected write your concept of self. Interested parents will be provided either online or as a Flyer. Geyer explains that one of a concept, a social analysis and the day-care centre have made the criticised statement is nothing else to be described as the social structure of Wellingsbüttel.

Elbkinder would like to in the future avoid that parents interpret such an analysis as discriminatory. The Passage was therefore deleted from the concept. The overarching guiding principle for the educational work of the Elbkinder day-care centres reads: “In this educational thoughts, we include all children, whether with or without prejudice. Our Kitalltag is characterized by a principle of Inclusion that is open for girls and boys, small and great, weak and strong, sick and healthy, thick and thin. Whether of German origin or from families with a migration background.”

Who classify children in categories such as strong, weak, fat, thin, sick and healthy, seems to be the inclusion to have thoughts only partially internalized. Because the value of the end of and outdated terms like this have no place in modern education a long time nothing more.