A 61-year-old went to see a faith healer – now he is dead. His widow reports what happened on the fateful day.

Erwin S. (61) was given infusions with cat’s claw, as “heute.at” reports. That could have ultimately cost the man from Klagenfurt his life.

Evelyn, the man’s widow, reports that Erwin S. had a stent after a stroke. Half a year later they went to a faith healer. An alchemist prescribed various herbal preparations, a doctor talked about infusions with cat’s claw. These were administered a week later. Cat’s claw is said to have anti-inflammatory and antiviral effects, among other things, writes “Net.Doktor”.

Erwin S. began to “sweat, felt tightness on his chest and turned red,” says Evelyn, according to “heute.at”. The doctor administered another dose of Ginko. According to the report from “heute.at”, the Klagenfurt resident dragged himself home. Eventually, however, he needed medical attention. 

The diagnosis: an anterior wall infarction and a stroke with brain damage. The “German Heart Center in Munich” defines anterior infarction as “a heart attack on the anterior wall of the heart caused by the blockage of the left coronary artery or one of its side branches.” Erwin S. did not survive and died on May 24, 2023. The doctors suspected that the infusions were the trigger, reports the widow.

The alchemist and the doctor are now being investigated for negligent homicide.