In Klarenthal in Saarland, a police officer was injured by shots fired from a window. Residents should remain in their homes while the operation is ongoing. The police later announced: The alleged perpetrator was found lifeless in an apartment.

After the shots at police officers in Saarbrücken, the alleged perpetrator was discovered lifeless in an apartment. The police announced this on Friday via Twitter.

A police officer was previously injured by shots in Klarenthal, Saarland. The police also announced in the short message service Twitter that a person was shooting out of the window. She called on local residents to stay indoors and stay away from windows. According to the police in Saarland, forces from the state police headquarters supported the weapons authority of the city of Saarbrücken in the context of administrative and enforcement assistance. A man shot at one of the police officers deployed.

“When the police officers and employees of the city of Saarbrücken arrived at the 67-year-old to search his apartment on the basis of a search warrant from the Saarland Administrative Court, the perpetrator shot a police officer. He was injured by the shot and is receiving medical treatment. Another Police officer was injured by flying glass fragments.” Nothing was initially known about the severity of the police officer’s injury. The 67-year-old barricaded himself in his apartment. According to the police, there was an exchange of gunfire. “Currently, targeted shots are being fired again at the police barrier and the police vehicles,” it said on Twitter.

Note: This article has been updated.