Klintsevich ironically commented on the plans of the Americans

the Plans of Russia in the Arctic take into account the need to ensure the security of the Northern borders of the country, said a member of the defense Committee Franz Klintsevich.

Informed the US Deputy assistant Secretary on Affairs of Europe and Eurasia Michael Murphy pointed out that Russia’s plans to deploy s-400 on the Kola Peninsula beyond the defense, and the Pentagon will respond, RIA Novosti reported.

States, increasing military power, focused not on China, on Russia, I noticed Klintsevich, and Russia will deploy its air defense systems where necessary. The more that it is developing s-500. And ironically added that with its extensive plans the United States is probably soon going to want to privatize the moon.

Earlier, the Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov criticized a proposal to deploy US nuclear weapons in Poland. In Germany the social Democrats require it to withdraw, the party of Angela Merkel wants to keep, and U.S. Ambassador to Poland Gorget of Mosbacher has made this proposal, was troubled Pushkov. And added that the ignorant seem to have forgotten about the threat of nuclear winter.