Kosachev about the words Stano: virus virus and infovoyna schedule

Pandemic coronavirus does not prevent the European officials to continue the “hybrid war” with Russia, said a member of the Federation Council, the head of the international Committee Konstantin Kosachev.

“the Virus the virus, but the information war is on schedule,” the Senator commented on the statement of the official speaker of the European Commission for foreign Affairs Peter Stano, who argues that the various “springs of Russia” allegedly contribute to the spread in the EU of conspiracy theories and misinformation about the coronavirus.

As noted Kosachev, the attempt to see a conspiracy theory in the spread of some alien conspiracy theories already looks curiosity. However, Stano, according to the Russian policy, not just expressed on behalf of Brussels on foreign policy, but is representative of the service EastStratcom Task Forse, established by the EU to combat the misinformation.

That is, suggested Kosachev, in spreading theories about the Russian conspiracy at Stano is “selfish” interest: he is extremely interested in the fact that on the background of the fight against coronavirus not forget the “hybrid war” with Russia and continued to Finance the tools in this war, one of which is EastStratcom Task Forse.

in addition, the Senator recalled the recognition of Stano that for example in Italy and Spain, the ten main sources to which Internet users seek information about the coronavirus, part of RT. This, according to Kosachev, are also concerned about European “antideportation”.

“people are starting to look for media, mainstream alternative checked. And from the point of view of Brussels, opinions, alternative “correct” (i.e., Brussels), and is “disinformation”, — said the Senator. He recalled that similar statements, however, in China, regularly make American policy.

“Sovietization” of the EU continues, in spite of hows pandemic” — quoted Kosachev RIA Novosti.

Earlier, another member of the Council of Federation of the Russian Federation Oleg Morozov statement by Peter Stano a fake. “Very strange statement, unless you recognize it in a meaningful fake,” said frost.