Kozak: progress on the status of Donbass failed from-for positions of Kiev

progress on the status of Donbass in Berlin failed because of the position of Kiev. This was stated by Deputy head of the presidential administration Dmitry Kozak on the results of the negotiations “Channel four”. The meeting lasted about 10 hours. According to Dmitry Kozak, political advisors of the heads of States held a thorough conversation, but to speak of a breakthrough yet.

Negotiating marathon in Berlin: 10 hours, representatives of the countries “Channel four” discussed settlement of the Ukrainian conflict. According to the head of the Russian delegation Dmitry Kozak, the conversation was challenging and insightful. In the spotlight — the cessation of hostilities in the Donbass.

“in addition, I managed to finally get closer, I guess. I wouldn’t say that final confirmation, but closer to what should be adopted additional measures to stop the shootings. Three months of discussion in THC did not give any result. Today, we seem to be closer to the next meeting of the TAG can be passed a specific set of additional measures. Not the Declaration of commitment to the ceasefire, which does not work, and the specific mechanisms that ensure the implementation of this Declaration”, — said the head of the Russian delegation Dmitry Kozak.

the stumbling block remains the issue of providing the DNI and the LC special status and its inclusion in the Constitution of Ukraine. This provision is included in the Minsk agreement, under which stands the signature Petro Poroshenko. However, no former or current presidents to fulfill its obligations not in a hurry.

“Today was unable to obtain from Ukraine a clear and coherent answer as to when will be prepared this document for amendments to the Constitution in terms of decentralization. Because the sound and such offers (you heard about it, a Deputy Prime Minister, the first Deputy head of the Ukrainian delegation in the contact group) that Donbass no CCAby status is not needed. They should use the results of the decentralization, which is held in Ukraine. But this decentralization has not been seen — neither Ukrainian citizens nor residents of Donbass. What are you talking about, we don’t understand. No one understands”, — commented Dmitry Kozak.

to explain his position, the Ukrainian delegation 10 hours is not enough — the meeting ended without a final document. At the diplomatic answer of Dmitry Kozak to the question of how European partners belong to the Ukrainian delegation, we can only guess, as the sluggishness of Kiev is estimated at Berlin and Paris.

“the European partners are trying to demonstrate objectivity. That, in General, correct. What we’re trying to do,” — said Dmitry Kozak.

and Discussed the possible date of the summit. According to Dmitry Kozak, to talk about the summit prematurely. First, in full to be performed all the conditions on which Vladimir Putin has agreed with its colleagues in the “channel format” in Paris.

As shown by the meeting in Berlin, Kiev continued to block the Minsk process. The breakthrough can not speak yet.