Movie star L.Q. Jones has died at the age of 94. The actor is best known for his roles in westerns.

US actor L.Q. Jones is dead. The character actor, whose career spanned nearly seven decades, died of natural causes at his home in the Hollywood Hills on Saturday. This is reported by the industry portal “Variety”. He was 94 years old. Jones reportedly died surrounded by his family.

The actor was born Justice Ellis McQueen in Texas in 1927 and adopted the stage name L.Q. Jones too early in his career. In 1955 he made his film debut in the war drama “Holiday Till Wakeup”, in which he played soldier L. Q. Jones – and kept the name to himself. He later became known as an actor in westerns. In the 1960s, Jones became one of director Sam Peckinpah’s (1925-1984) regulars. He appeared in the series “Klondike” and in the films “Sacramento”, “The Wild Bunch”, “Sierra Charriba”, or “Pat Garrett hunts Billy the Kid”.

Until 2006 in front of the camera

Jones was also seen in the western series “The People of Shiloh Ranch”. The actor also had numerous guest roles in well-known series such as “The A-Team”, “Columbo”, “Charlie’s Angels” or “A Colt for All Cases”. Supporting roles in Hollywood films such as “Lightning Jack”, “The Patriot – Fight for Survival” and “Casino” were added. His last appearance was on Robert Altman’s Last Radio Show in 2006. Jones also worked as a director, screenwriter and film producer.