Two Conservative MPs have already been ousted from the British Parliament for sexual misconduct. Prominent MPs are now calling for a “cultural change”.

Following new allegations of sexual abuse against a prominent British Conservative MP, the opposition has called for a “cultural change”.

“Parliament is not a safe place to work as it should be – especially for so many young people who work there,” Labor MP Luke Pollard told Sky News on Saturday. Earlier, Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s Conservative Party had suspended MP Chris Pincher. He is said to have groped two men while drunk.

Pincher apologized and resigned his position as “whip” in charge of group discipline. Johnson is now being criticized for having known about similar allegations against Pincher for months. On Saturday, several media reported further allegations against the MP.

Johnson has been criticized for illegal parties

“We need to set higher standards,” said Labor politician Pollard. “But I’m afraid the culture is exemplified by the top and the Prime Minister has made it clear that standards in public life – decency, integrity, honesty – do not apply.” Johnson has been heavily criticized for illegal parties at his official residence during the corona lockdown. He barely survived a vote of no confidence in his own parliamentary group. Most recently, he changed the code of conduct so that members of the government do not have to resign immediately if they violate it.

Two Conservative MPs had already been dismissed from Parliament for sexual misconduct – one was sentenced to prison for sexual abuse, the other had watched porn on his cell phone in Parliament. The Conservatives lost the required by-elections in both constituencies. In addition, a member of parliament whose name is not known is suspected of being raped and is currently staying away from parliament.