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“Lack of humanism” Lavrov said a ban appeal for help to Russia


“the Pandemic has shown us a number of examples of lack of humanism”. So wrote Russian foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in an article for the Chinese newspaper “global times”.

the Diplomat said that some Western countries trying to take advantage of the pandemic coronavirus to punish uncooperative governments. As an example, Lavrov causes persistent attempts to lay the burden of blame for the spread of infection in China, and unscrupulous speculation about Russian assistance to other countries.

“has Reached absurd accusations against my country in the desire to use humanitarian and medical assistance for “the strengthening of geopolitical influence,” — said the Minister.

in addition, the Minister of foreign Affairs spoke about “the humiliating restrictions” to turn to Russia for support no matter how disturbing the situation. According to “Russia 24”, Lavrov noted that it is contrary to basic diplomatic norms. According to the Minister, it turns out that the notorious Western political solidarity more lives and health of tens of thousands of people.

In March, an article on Russian aid Italy published by the newspaper La Stampa. It said that Moscow has decided to help subject to retaliation of Rome, for example to facilitate European sanctions. The Russian government called the publication a provocation.