is called As Sabrina Rodriguez talk in the Ryanair headquarters in Dublin, as you know already, what might now come. “I’ve been on strike twice,” says the 30-Year-old. The enough to fall for Ryanair out of favor?

Almost six months, had worked for Rodriguez at the Irish low-cost airline as a flight attendant for short-haul flights. Now she was discharged before the end of their six-month probationary period, by E-Mail – officially due to nine days of illness. Rodriguez was popular among her colleagues and worked with them. Even her Supervisor called her when he learned of her termination – and inquired what was the matter, regretted the fact that she is now gone.

it is Believed Rodriguez, a Regret at Ryanair rarely. To the conversation at the 13. November join four other Ryanair staff. Two, as Rodriguez – also a Ryanair pre – load, as well as two long-standing colleagues, who should be witnesses in conversation.

Ryanair employees additional hearing give

Even the SPD Bundestag deputies Cansel Kiziltepe, 43, is sitting on that November Tuesday on a flight to Dublin. Also, you would like to join the conversation in the Ryanair corporate headquarters. To talk, among other things, the chief of staff of the Airline, Eddie Wilson. Both led in the previous weeks letter contact the this day einbestellten employees.

Not in office as Deputy financial policy spokesperson of the SPD parliamentary group in the Bundestag increases kızıltepe on this day, with the plane – she traveled as an Ambassador in the Irish capital. As one of about three dozen civil-society Supporters, since the beginning of the tariff negotiations between Ryanair and the trade Union Ver.di in August for the interests of the country’s approximately 1000 employees in the Cabin, at twelve locations. You want to give the Call to the cabin crew to have better working conditions and a German employment law, in addition to hearing.

The point of contention: According to Ver.di-data owns the cabin staff, so far, without exception, individual contracts of employment – choice of law in many areas, weaker Irish labour law. It provides for the personnel, among other things, adverse regulations in the case of the mother and termination protection allows the Airline in some cases, fee deductions in the event of illness and is Ryanair’s options to enable cabin personnel on short notice to any of its European bases.

About 700 of the Ryanair employees in Germany are employed on Temporary work agencies “crew link” and “Workforce” with the airline. You will be sending exclusively to Ryanair limited to a maximum of two years. Parts of the cabin staff had last completed in September in several European countries, their work, and also in Germany. The strike had in this country, made especially for the Berlin Schönefeld airport. 52 of 92 take-offs and landings had to be deleted.

Bundestag deputies Cansel Kiziltepe

“We have put the issue on the political Agenda, this is a success,” says Kiziltepe. Ryanair chief personnel officer Wilson, you would have had still some things to discuss. However, Wilson was not allowed in Dublin and kızıltepe during the interview of Rodriguez – officially because of a missing identity document. What was behind the Kiziltepe closed door, and what she experienced in the past few months, referred to the politician as a “pure predatory capitalism”.

Rodriguez describes the conversation that led them not with Wilson, but with representatives of the temporary employment company, sober. She had been with her nine disease-related days of absence or face, which it had accumulated in its nearly six months in the case of Ryanair – the Airline, the command also on the specific causes of Disease. Your sick messages, but I can Ryanair you on this day, do not submit.

Good for Rodriguez that they had their documents. For you, that your nine disease not days could be the real reason for the termination. “There are colleagues who have significantly more days of sick leave, unexcused missed work, other than I have not been on strike and are still employed,” she says. Ryanair want to – in writing faced with the specific facts and allegations of the parties – do not comment and refers to its Agency company “crew link”. However, a written request unanswered.

For the member of Parliament kızıltepe what you experience with Rodriguez and other Ryanair staff, “hard” alone, if you experience, what is the legal grey and dark zones of the Airline’s move. However, there are several points that make kızıltepe hope.

hope on the collective agreement

the desired Amendment to paragraph 117, paragraph 2, of the Constitution of law: This States that air carriers must allow their in flight employees not represented by a works Council. “The legal framework for an effective worker protection is lacking at the moment,” says Kiziltepe. Already in the coming week the Paragraph in the Bundestag will be discussed.

another point, the Kiziltepe responsive, are the advanced negotiations between Ver.di and Ryanair over a collective bargaining agreement. Last week, 80 percent of the Ryanair workforce voted for a collective agreement. According to SPIEGEL information, the draft Treaty should apply to all employees, see, currently, in addition to a minimum guarantee of 600 hours per year, a significant increase in the basic salary for the employees to rise to 600 euros per month. Also your pay is to be increased.

An example: a flight attendant so far, an example of a basic salary of 825 euros, this will increase in future to around 1420 euros. With the additional pay increases you would be on a basic salary of 1650 euros. On this salary, allowances will be added and flight hours compensation, so that at the end of 2300 euros to beech. “We are about the collective bargaining agreement in the final negotiations,” confirms kızıltepe.

Sabrina Rodriguez helps the now, nothing more. Not only you, also the two other colleagues who were loading her in Dublin, have been cancelled by Ryanair, in the meantime, or came to the notice of termination previously. “I’m glad, that I have to rest now,” says Rodriguez. Worry that you could not find a Job, didn’t you: “I’m an intelligent woman, speak four languages and am since 13 years in professional life.”

Maybe you go back to Spain or to another airline, she says. And your former colleagues? “The wishes I really only the Best – the do me really sorry.”