When it comes to the death of their President, are accustomed to the US-Americans a lot. For example, that they die victims of the attacks will be like Abraham Lincoln and John F. Kennedy, or already a month after taking office, of pneumonia, such as William H. Harrison. The latter fell so seriously ill that – so the legend – because he and his inauguration on 4. In March of 1841, a winter coat was going to wear.

But a disgraced Ex-President, in the bed of the incumbent President dies, the have not even seen the Americans yet, at least not in reality.

The fictional Ex-President Francis “Frank” Underwood from “House of Cards” fate. Frank died alongside his wife Claire in bed. At least the widow and current President says.

Frank’s end is no Surprise. After all, the sixth and final season of “House of Cards was already before the Start,” it is clear that the previous Protagonist would no longer be there. Actor Kevin Spacey had been deleted after Abuse complaints from several men from the series. Therefore, his role had to die.

And yet, Frank Underwood, Kevin Spacey duration are present. Frank, it remains in the decisions of Claire as President, and the season lasting question of how he is now dead actually.

Spacey, it has, in turn, is obtained due to the MeToo-debate, the “House of Cards”. This gave the last episodes of the series, the lost from season to season in quality and popularity, unexpected new attention.

ship-to As the series 2013, saw it differently: “House of Cards” became the prototype of the classic Streaming-product. The architecture of the first house by Netflix-produced series was easy, successful and was quickly copied.

You took first an idea, there was already: “House of Cards” is the U.S. Version of the British mini-series “house of cards” as well as “Stranger Things” later on, the adaptation was pretty much all the ideas of Stephen King and Steven Spielberg or the latest Netflix success “Spuk in Hill House” was created after the eponymous novel by Shirley Jackson.

Secondly, the streaming service committed to prominent names such as Hollywood stars Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright and Director David Fincher.

always new, Always extreme

Similar to exquisite the cast of the current production of “Maniac reads” with Emma Stone, Sally Field and Jonah Hill. Meanwhile, Simpsons Creator Matt Groening in the series-or the Coen brothers in the Film to the Netflix family.

And when the success occurs, then the producers extend their original series thirdly, as long as, until the stimulus disappears. Because the basic idea is either from season to season is always more extreme excesses accepts and new characters are added, like “House of Cards” or the concept is repeated in an endless loop. To not tend to the Latter about “Stranger Things” and “Dead girl lies” with each new edition.

“House of Cards” has brought to it with more intrigue and the complex entanglements after six seasons – and in the final follow the series manages to top this again.

Not only through the death of the protagonist, but also with the scruples Einflüsterern Annette and Bill Shepherd, played by Diane Lane and Greg Kinnear looser. Because Claire refuses to the influence of siblings rich to be politically docile, grab this, even one as grave desecration.

Among other things because of this new Extreme the once highly acclaimed “House of Cards” a sad end. To a rather inglorious end to the contributes, also, that with Frank’s death, the diabolical dynamics of the couple, Underwood is asleep – as well as the entire series.

And if Netflix is not presented soon, a new series of architecture, will be the next projects might succeed – but, in the end, as lackluster as the last few episodes of “House of Cards”.