Lavrov announced an emergency conference of the countries-participants of the

the Extraordinary conference of the parties to the Treaty on open skies is planned for July 6, said Russian foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov at a press conference in Minsk. Russia and Belarus in this document are included in the same group of States, and they are not interested in the aggravation of the international situation, quotes the Minister “Interfax”.

Lavrov expressed the hope for an equal dialogue without ultimatums, unfounded charges and taking into account the interests of all participating countries. Moscow and Minsk have a negative attitude to the US withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. This step, as the gap agreement on intermediate-range and shorter-range, detrimental to global security, said the foreign Minister.

in Addition, Sergei Lavrov drew attention to the expansion of activity of NATO troops near Russia’s borders and Belarus. The actions of the Alliance are openly provocative and lead to further fragmentation of the European security space.

Recall that in late may the United States announced withdrawal from the Treaty on open skies. The United States has again accused Russia in violation of this agreement. However, no proof was provided.