There has been a bad relationship between Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht and his ex-girlfriend Yeliz Koc since the breakup. So much so that the former couple have now had to meet in court to settle a few points of contention.

The little daughter Snow of Yeliz Koc and Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is just nine months old, the child’s mother posted this on Instagram. Of these nine months, Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht is said to have not visited his daughter since April, almost exactly when he made his new relationship with his girlfriend Laura-Marie Geissler official. “It was important for me that the truth came out. I want him to come and meet his child. He hasn’t visited him since April,” Koc is said to have said after the court hearing, according to “Focus”. But that’s just one of the points that make the former couple explosive.

Ochsenknecht sued his daughter’s mother for untrue statements that she is said to have made in her podcast about the actor’s son. Last Monday, the couple even met in court in Hanover, not without the hand-holding support of his new girlfriend Geissler, who chauffeured him to the district court in a rental car.

Yeliz Koc receives compensation from ex-boyfriend Jimi Blue Ochsenknecht

The couple was able to reach a settlement in court. Ochsenknecht left Koc while still pregnant after they lived together in an apartment and he apparently had a financial shortage. Regarding the situation at the time, Koc said that when she moved from Hanover to Berlin for love, she did not know that Ochsenknecht was in debt. “I then had to manage this expensive apartment on my own the whole time,” says Koc. To date, he is said not to have paid her back the missing rent, so these arrears have now become part of the settlement. The 30-year-old should send his ex-girlfriend 13,500 euros by July 20.

The negotiations are said to have lasted two hours. Koc also accused Ochsenknecht that the shooting of the reality TV format “Dies Ochsenknechts” with daughter Snow had never been agreed. Ochsenknecht agreed and admitted that it was probably a misunderstanding. During the negotiations for the settlement, both parents also agreed to “maintain a respectful relationship in the future”. It is questionable whether the appearance with Neu-Freundin in court was the right way to do this.

Sources: Focus, image