When there is thunder and noise outside, many cats react with fear. Cat owners should leave their animals alone and allow them to hide under the cupboard or sofa.

Soothing stroking or talking, on the other hand, is out of place: “This also signals to the animal that something is wrong,” explains Katja Rüssel from the Pet Supplies Industry Association in Düsseldorf.

If the weather forecast predicts a thunderstorm, owners can make a few preparations: Windows and doors should be closed and curtains drawn. This way, the bright light of the lightning and the crashing thunder do not penetrate the home at full volume. If there is a particularly quiet room in the house, cats can be kept there even during the storm. However, if the cat comes to you for comfort, you can take care of it and try to calm it down by petting it.

If your cat has access to the outdoors, you should deny your cat access to the outside if a thunderstorm is approaching. Gusts of wind can cause objects to fly or fall, which could injure your house cat. If your cat is already outside during a thunderstorm, you don’t need to worry. Most outdoor cats know their territory and hide outside from the storm. If your four-legged friend has not reappeared after 48 hours, you should start looking for him.

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