For several weeks, the lebanese State is attack with a violence new to the owners of electric generators private compensate for decades the inability of the State to provide electricity 24 hours on 24. Inspections armed guards to view… the lebanese authorities, and little inclined to interventionism in normal times, do not skimp on the means to oblige these owners to install meters, which are believed to reduce the bill for consumers. Often fixed and opaque, the rates applied derive from the costs of electricity upwards. On average, they reach $ 300 per month per household, bills of Electricity of Lebanon (EDL) included, according to Jad Chaaban, professor of economics at the american University of Beirut.

The owners of generators, estimated number of 7000, had until early October to comply with the new guidelines. Few are bent, accusing the government of wanting to break it. “With the price of the …

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