According to a media report, basketball superstar LeBron James is now a billionaire. This marks his “greatest milestone”.

LeBron James (37) is not only one of the biggest stars in the sports world. The basketball player is now apparently also a billionaire, as reported by the business magazine “Forbes”.

This makes James the first active player in the professional NBA league to reach this mark. Basketball legend Michael Jordan (59) made it onto the billionaire list in 2014, but had already ended his active career more than ten years earlier.

James earned just over 121 million US dollars – the equivalent of around 113 million euros – last year alone. However, a large part of his fortune does not come from sport, but from advertising revenue and entrepreneurial activities at around 900 million dollars – almost 838 million euros.

These are the other top earners in sports

According to the magazine, he is currently in second place on the list of the highest paid athletes in 2022. Only soccer megastar Lionel Messi (34.130 million dollars) outperforms him. They are followed by Cristiano Ronaldo ($37.115 million), Neymar ($30.95 million) and Stephen Curry ($34.92.8 million).

As early as 2014, James announced in an interview with the men’s magazine “GQ” that he would like to become a billionaire. If this happens, it will be his “biggest milestone,” he said at the time.