Left handle less than 5% of the protocols of amendment was supported by 78% of Russians

the CEC at noon will present the outcome of voting on amendments to the Constitution. Left handle less than five percent of the protocols. According to preliminary data, the vast majority of Russians supported the amendments to the main law of the country.

At the moment, the amendments to the Constitution supported 78,04% of Russians voted, voted against of 21.15%. This data is based on 95,61 treated papers. The turnout was 65%.

According to the CEC head Ella Pamfilova, the vote was ensured maximum availability and transparency, and that ensures the legitimacy of the people’s will.

She noted that the Russians freely expressed its will to amend the Constitution. Serious violations were not; the Commission received more than half a million complaints from citizens, mostly of an expository nature. People wanted to know about the voting process and asked to explain the essence of the amendment.

the hot line of the Ombudsman for human rights Tatyana Moskalkova also received complaints (a total of more than 660 calls). According to her, it testifies to unindifference of citizens. She noted that the proposed amendments will significantly affect its work.

the TV channel “Russia 24” their point of view on the elections was expressed by other experts.

“there is No alternative to the development of this form of voting no. In the end we all come to vote in electronic form, — said Alexei Chesnakov, Director of the Center for political conjuncture. — The sooner we move to electronic voting the better. Do not be afraid of this format; this is the future.”

“Forecasts cushion experts that the Putin majority is fading away, did not materialize. These experts are confounded, — says Alexey Martynov, Director of the Institute of the newest States. — Aggressive attempt to manipulate the opinions of citizens worked on the contrary — to an even greater turnout. Many of those who maybe don’t golosovat in other circumstances, now went and found it necessary to support the presidential amendments to the Constitution.”