Shortly before Russian troops invaded Ukraine, Germany put the approval process for Nord Stream 2 on hold. Now the energy expert of the left calls for a temporary start-up.

In order to secure the gas supply in Germany, the energy expert of the left-wing faction in the Bundestag, Klaus Ernst, calls for an end to the energy policy sanctions against Russia. Despite the war against Ukraine, the federal government must talk to Russia about this, Ernst told the “Rheinische Post” (Wednesday). “Possibly also about putting Nord Stream 2 into operation for a limited period of time if the gas supply cannot be guaranteed otherwise.”

The Baltic Sea pipeline Nord Stream 2 has been completed. However, Germany put the approval process on hold shortly before Russian troops invaded Ukraine. Gas supply via Nord Stream 1 has throttled Russia. Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck fears that Russia will soon no longer be sending gas to Western Europe.

Ernst argued that the energy policy sanctions were not working. They did not slow down the Russian forces. «On the contrary: the energy sanctions benefit Russia. They mean that although less is sold, the proceeds from these sales are higher overall, »said the politician. “A failure of the gas supply would not only seriously affect the citizens, but would also have devastating consequences for the industry.” Many companies would not have the opportunity to convert their production processes to other energy sources.