Toys make children’s hearts beat faster. It’s too nice to discover something new in a playful way and to pass the time with it. For those looking for weatherproof outdoor toys, here’s some inspiration.

Summer lures you outside with its warm temperatures. Playing and romping around in the fresh air is particularly good, because there is enough space. The children of the family are also happy to be occupied outside in the form of toys. The important thing is that it must be able to withstand wind and weather. Inspiration for creative activities, whether in the garden, on the beach or in the park, can be found here.

Garden toys

A garden offers families the great advantage of enjoying both space and privacy. Toys for the garden are therefore versatile because children can move freely and let off steam without being out of sight of their parents or being perceived as a nuisance to other people. The latter is not uncommon in public places, for example in the park. Playing with water pistols cools down in summer. Children can run around the garden to their heart’s content and let off steam.

Beach toys

Beaches differ by country or region. It’s nice when there’s plenty of space to romp around and you don’t stay side by side on the sun lounger with the next family. Beach toys are especially fun when they integrate the existing elements. Building sand castles or playing water polo are therefore very popular on a trip to the sea. Molds and buckets are a must, as is the waterproof ball.

toys for the park

While there is plenty of green to play in the park, the space has to be shared with other people. Toys for the park should therefore be limited to a smaller radius. For example on a picnic blanket or a playground. A ring toss game can be played with the whole family and is easy to transport thanks to the practical bag.

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