Leon Goretzka is interested in fashion and accessories. In an interview, the professional kicker reveals what every man should have in his closet.

Leon Goretzka (27) not only cuts a fine figure in the FC Bayern jersey. The footballer always shows good taste in fashion in his private life too. In an interview, the midfielder explains how important fashion is to him. “You should feel good in your clothes, you have to like them and they have to fit. If you don’t do that and you feel uncomfortable, it’s like getting up on the wrong foot in the morning,” says Goretzka, who begins his partnership with Tommy Hilfiger Watches has just extended to August 2022. He also has a clear idea when it comes to watches: “A harmonious whole is important to me, so that subtle and timeless design appeals to me more than loud and garish colors.”

“Black clothes really suit every man”

According to Goretzka, “sneaker socks with sandals” are an absolute fashion no-go. “In general, however, you can combine a lot more today than was the case years ago,” admits the 27-year-old. However, if a man wants to be on the safe side when it comes to fashion, then he should go for the color black, Goretzka believes: “A black suit, generally black clothing, actually suits every man. Even if, like some jokes, it’s actually not a color at all. It doesn’t matter whether it’s trousers, a shirt or a black tie: Black always looks good.”

Although Goretzka is considered a fashion role model for many sports enthusiasts, he would not describe himself as a trendsetter: “Anyone who appreciates timeless design will inevitably not follow every trend.” What every man should have in his closet? A black tie and “Black and White in all sorts of combinations”.

When it comes to taste in fashion, not everyone has to have the same opinion as Goretzka. He has not yet given fashion tips to any Bayern colleagues. “Everyone has their individual taste and should live it out. Tastes are allowed to be different,” laughs the national soccer player.

“In general, as an athlete, I naturally eat very healthily”

Leon Goretzka doesn’t just value a chic outfit. Born in Bochum, he also pays attention to a healthy diet. “In general, as an athlete, I naturally eat very healthily,” he says. He doesn’t have a “favorite food”. It always depends on the “day and environment” as to “what I like best”. His go-to drink is usually water, “but on vacation or at a team party drinks can vary,” he admits with a grin.

As a hobby, the professional soccer player also likes to try his hand at cooking. Preferably with friends or family. “Even if my cooking skills are nowhere near my dad’s level,” admits Goretzka.