Letizia from Spain has Corona. According to a statement from the palace, the wife of King Felipe VI. mild symptoms.

The Spanish Queen Letizia (49) has Corona. This is reported by the largest Spanish daily newspaper “El País”, citing a statement from the palace published on Tuesday. Accordingly, the 49-year-old feels slight symptoms. Her appointments, which were already scheduled for Wednesday, had to be cancelled. The official appearances scheduled for Thursday have not yet been canceled, according to “El País” none were planned for Friday.

On Monday she attended an awards ceremony

On Monday evening, Letizia attended the Princess of Girona Foundation Awards ceremony in Barcelona with her family. According to “El Mundo”, the queen then returned to Madrid with her daughters, while her husband King Felipe VI. (54) had another appointment in Barcelona. The 54-year-old tested positive for Covid-19 last February, also with mild symptoms. Felipe had subsequently isolated himself at his residence and carried out official duties from there. Two weeks after the positive test, he made his first public appearance.