LGBT, BLM and the scandal of Jesus: Americans believe in a new civil war

In Moscow, there is a new landmark. On the building of the American Embassy hung the rainbow flag of the LGBT community lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people. So-so company. Interestingly, the posted flag is much larger than even the national flag of the United States, standard flying at the Embassy.

Officially, the us diplomats, citing human rights, explained the action thus: “Every person deserves to live a life free from hate, prejudice, and persecution.”

Sounds like a joke, because the actual practice of living in the United States, and it sees the whole world right now, is that many tens of millions of Americans is just not there that deserve to live lives free from hatred, prejudice and persecution. While America is still trying to teach something to others, obviously not having any moral right. And why suddenly on the background of massive racial unrest in the United States with shooting, blood and killing, with probably the worst result in the world confronting the coronavirus and the inability to fight for human life in the context of the epidemic suddenly displayed the LGBT flag at the US Embassy? Is that a measure of diplomatic priorities in the current context? Or, on the contrary, an escape from the real and much larger-scale problems?

But if to hang the flag BLM — “Black lives matter”? Because the topic is popular right now in the States. Or, more popular, but secretly “All lives matter.” It would seem, what here bad? But the slogan “All lives matter” — is impossible in the U.S. Embassy, and any other building in America because of the miraculous way is considered racist. Is not it strange? But if you hang this slogan on any building in the U.S., the black activists there immediately percolated glass, but if you go with this banner on the street, for your health, no one can guarantee, even the insurance company if to warn her in advance. In a word, impossible. Not all lives have value. Curious, isn’t it?

And even the U.S. Embassy can’t even hang a neutral flag of the world health organization as a pandemic, America decided to blame their own failures on the who defiantly emerged from an international organization instead of help it.

But it is proud I flew on a us Embassy the LGBT flag. Why? On the one hand, the action is clearly contrary to the law of the Russian Federation banning the promotion of homosexuality among minors. But, of course, possible to refer to the extraterritoriality of the Embassy. Probably because it is. Let’s not argue. But the undeniable deliberate diplomatic faux pas. Doesn’t help in relationships. And what is the result? There is no victory. His folly was shown. Neighing here. On this and has resolved.

Meanwhile, in America itself continues to self-destruct. The city of new York has decided to demolish the monument to President Theodore Roosevelt, who was in power from 1901 to 1909 minutes. Even the dates of his life, he could not have any relation to the slave trade. Just was white. The youngest President in U.S. history and the most popular President in US history. The Builder of the Panama canal, and Nobel peace prize winner, understood the springs of society.

“Always and in all circumstances, the essence of the struggle is to establish equality of opportunity, elimination of privileges and the giving of life and citizenship of every individual the highest value for itself and for the whole society,” Roosevelt said.

No luck Conquistador Juan de oñate. Around his monument in Albuquerque protests ended in gunfire and a man in hospital in serious condition. Demolished.

Protesters in Madison (Wisconsin) dropped into the lake the statue of Colonel Hans Christian Hague. As usual, the figure previously beheaded. Colonel during the Civil war fought for the abolition of slavery, but it doesn’t matter, he’s white.

In Washington, the activists climbed the monument to the seventh President of the United States Andrew Jackson to throw the rope. The police this time decided to get involved and gently sprayed the protesters with pepper spray.

in Parallel, more than 300 film industry professionals, including such actors as Kendrick Sampson, Octavia Spencer, Idris Elba, Tessa Thompson and viola Davis, writing in Variety magazine an open letter with three hundred signatures of colleagues with accusations of Hollywood: “how Hollywood and other media have contributed to the criminalization of black people has distorted the image of the legal system, idealized corruption and rigidity of the police, had serious consequences for the lives of African Americans. White people make up the smallest demographic group of the population in the world, but their stories are considered to be universal”.

regarding the latter, it’s hard to disagree. There are things historically that hard to apologize. But the Avengers are irreconcilable. Notable was the statement of the leftist activist and writer Shaun king — probably the most famous ideologist of the movement BLM. He is also the founder of his own religious sect in Atlanta called “Courageous Church”.

“I think that statue of a white European, supposedly of Jesus, also need to be removed. All this is a kind of white chauvinism. To carry them! All the frescoes and stained glass Windows with white Jesus and his European mother, his white friends should go, too. This is a crude form of white supremacy. Created as a tool of oppression. Racist propaganda. All you need to clean,” said king.

a Strange statement. If Jesus is God, then God has no nationality, and then every people can portray God in their own image. Yes, in fact, so long ago, and make those who are interested in the essence of Christianity and creation, not just destruction.

for example, Jesus hands the Tanzanian artist Charles Ndege is the fresco of the Catholic Church in Mwanza. But itself crucifiedie the same brush. In Ethiopia, the virgin and child seems to be. Your Christ and in the submissions of the Kenyan Maasai. Uganda sees it differently. Here’s the virgin Mary in Vietnamese. No one destroys.

Here’s Madonna with Jesus in her arms, close tribe of American Indians of the Navajo. Creative and almost in the Lotus position represent Christ in India. The Chinese see it differently. Hypnotizing. Can be considered infinite.

Christianity is a world religion and images of God, Jesus is infinite. Why destroy white Jesus? It is better to draw their. Who stirs? Can you imagine that somebody will make a call to remove the black, yellow and red-skinned Jesus? Absurd! And that when still will remove the white Jesus? Whether it will be black or all the same it will replace the voodoo?

But it seems deeper than just a picture of a white Jesus. American black radicals set up privileges so that they were opposed to equality of opportunity and against the equality of all before the law. They believe that they all have and that black people have the right to more than others, including the right to violence.

Here is how it says my colleague Tucker Carlson from Fox News channel: “They can decide how you raise your children, how you vote, what you are allowed to believe. After they humiliated you, they can run, and that’s why across the country the crowds are destroying American monuments. It is not a spontaneous social unrest. A highly organized political movement. It is not superficial. This movement is broad and thorough. He is driven by great ambitions. It’s dangerous, and it will grow.”

And now a word by the activists. The head of new York office of the BLM hawk a news broadcast on the same Fox News justify their right to violence as the only method of struggle: “If this country does not give us what we want, we will burn this system and replace it. Okay? I can say this as figuratively and literally. This question interpretation.”

That’s such a pledge. And the Democrats are trying to direct these sentiments against trump in order to take him down. Dump trump it is more important than to save the country.

trump is not exactly my lyrical hero, as well as Biden. We just follow the nature of the struggle for power in the United States. And I wonder what will happen next. Ahead of presidential elections. They will take place on 3 November.

Now the degree of intransigence is that, it seems, none of the candidates did not recognize the victory of another, and because the methods of political struggle in the United States no longer rule out violence, and the struggle for power after 3 November may continue by violent means.

Waiting such a turn of events in America great. Measured great. Now just over a third of potential participants of elections in the US — and is the most active and conscious — believe that in the next five years America will survive another civil war — 34% according to the authoritative sociological service Rasmussen. Expectations for civil war a lot.

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