Lidia Mikheeva: voting on amendments control more than 500 thousand observers

the Process of voting on amendments to the Constitution already control more than 500 thousand observers. To join the observation is possible up to 30 June. Read more about this and more in an interview with “Russia 24” told the Secretary of the Public chamber of Russia Lidia Mikheeva.

the Public chamber, together with colleagues has registered more than 500 thousand observers in Russia. Tell us on what basis they were selected and how many takers?

– today we have more than 510 thousand observers across the country. Picked them of the Public chamber of the Russian Federation and Public chamber of Russia. The set of observers was provided for in the transitional provisions of the law that envisages amendments to the Constitution of Russia. However, we were free to determine the regulatory framework for the training and recruitment of observers. To monitor Russian vote, we decided to start from three main principles: the absolute availability and legality of all procedures and, of course, security. Therefore, we have decided that the public observer can become every adult able-bodied citizen of the Russian Federation. Of course, except for those who do not have the right to vote because of the law.

From the first day, as soon as the set of observers, we saw quite a serious activity. Of course, at some period, the pandemic has suspended the recruitment of observers, but we did online training, informing those who would like to become an observer. I think this is a very interesting new class of caring people who will dedicate their time to monitoring the voting process and that this process is absolutely in line with the law.

Among the concerned were aliens, they too are observers. Tell us why foreigners are employed, because by law they do not have the social force to observe the vote?

Yes, it was. In the Public chamber of Russia began to address a letter to citizens of other States, they said that usually these electoral processes, participation of foreign observers. By law it was not planned, but why not invite them in as observers, but as foreign experts. All such requests were granted. If I’m not mistaken, about 50 foreigners have already arrived, take part in the national surveillance, two of them have participated in our briefing, it was, in particular, the Deputy of the Italian Parliament. It was, of course, pleased to hear that, in his opinion, the voting process is organized at a very high level.

– Foreigners is closely watched, can any violations be fixed. Tell me, what kind of feedback, they noticed something?

– To date, from the aliens we don’t hear. If they notice a violation, they can appeal to the social observer, who is on the site. However, you can call our hotline, she works around the clock, her phone, we have been placed on our website.

– Tell us what the violation is still recorded, because more than 500 thousand observers.

– In our situation center are now volunteers. They call observers, constantly answering calls to the hotline. We talked so more than 10 thousand public observers. And if the first day of the opening of the situational center I reported more than 30 alarms, today we are about 90 such messages. They are all now checked. We make use of in every region of our activists and representatives of the Public chamber of the region, they come to the area and find out what is actually the case. Most often it is a lack of awareness about the fact that the area does not have enough information about the voting procedure, there is sometimes information booths. And, conalways, we are taking all measures to ensure that such violations have been corrected.

– there were complaints of compulsion. Especially in Moscow there was a lot that the organization forces people to go to a vote. What to do with it?

the Public chamber of the city of Moscow was closely involved in all complaints, investigate the circumstances. I think that all measures will be taken, and in case if the results of the proceedings will be found to be in breach of the law, will not escape responsibility.