He comes from the 1968 movement, but everything dogmatic was foreign to him: Friedrich Christian Delius managed the balancing act between commitment and poetry. Now the author died in Berlin.

The writer Friedrich Christian Delius is dead. He died in Berlin on Monday at the age of 79, the Rowohlt publishing house announced on Tuesday. The publisher recognized him as an “outstanding chronicler” of his time and one of the most important authors of contemporary German literature.

Delius wrote works such as “The Sunday I became world champion”, “America House and the dance around women” or the volume of stories “The Seven Languages ​​of Silence”, published in 2021. Delius has received many awards, including the Georg Büchner Prize in 2011.

Rowohlt emphasized that he has published more than thirty-five books that have come together to form one work – “a work of great consistency, great clarity and power. At the same time, he always captivated – narrator, player, poet – with his versatility and the musicality of his prose.”