Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp has his own ways of keeping his players happy. James Milner tells a crazy anecdote.

Liverpool star James Milner shared a curious anecdote about coach Jürgen Klopp ahead of the Reds’ Champions League final against Real Madrid.

In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 36-year-old recounted what Klopp did during the speech ahead of the 2018 final which the Premier League club lost 3-1 to Real Madrid: “He held his usual pre-match briefing , spoke about the game, the tactics, what we need to do, what they’re going to do. But he knew there would be tension.”

Milner: Klopp before CL final 2018 with Ronaldo boxer shorts

According to Milner, the coach eased these tensions with a special trick: “He was wearing Ronaldo boxer shorts. It was his way of trying to relax the boys.” Cristiano Ronaldo, who also owns his own fashion label, was still under contract with the Royals at the time.

Such an action is characteristic of Klopp, according to the Englishman: “Around the games he worries: What is it really about? Sometimes there are things that the boys have in their heads. He is good at nipping such thoughts in the bud .”

Four years after the final defeat in 2018, Liverpool FC and Real Madrid face off again in the Champions League final. CR7 now plays for Manchester United, but in Karim Benzema they have what is probably the most in-form player in the world in their ranks.