LJ is still allowed to Ukraine

the District administrative court of Kiev cancelled the prohibition of the SBU to enter the Russian rapper LJ is reported in the register of court decisions.

Earlier it was reported that LJ (Alexey Usenik) in 2018 was denied entry to Ukraine for three years, the decision of the SBU was recognized illegal

It is not connected with the change of political climate in Ukraine, said the lawyer, Yevgeny Pronin, defending the interests of Asenyka in court.

In 2015 it became aware of the existence of a black list where you got the figures of culture, threatening the national security of Ukraine, including Nikolai Rastorguev, Fedor Dobronravov, Julia Chicherin, Sergey Penkin, Oleg Gazmanov. The list is constantly updated. At the same time had imposed a ban on the display of the Russian film industry after 2014.