Shots were fired at a high school in Bremerhaven. A woman was arrested and at least one injured. A major police operation is underway.

Shots were fired at a school in Bremerhaven. The responsible police department confirmed this to the star. The news portal “Nord24” had previously reported about it.

In a press release published a little later, the police write that one person injured another with a weapon. The victim is said not to be a student, but a woman who works at the school. The alleged perpetrator was arrested and is being questioned by the police. The injured woman is in the hospital.

It is still unclear what type of weapon the person was injured with. A police spokeswoman speaks of “shots at the school”, but the press release only says that one person was injured “with a weapon”. A video circulated on Twitter showing a young man being arrested by the police without resistance not far from Lloyd Gymnasium. A crossbow is lying next to him.

Police Bremerhaven: larger operation in the city center

In the morning, the police also reported via Twitter about “a major operation in the city center” of Bremerhaven and warned that they should be avoided.

According to “Nord24”, a student at Lloyd Gymnasium heard shots in the morning and called the police. Pictures show police and other emergency vehicles at the scene.

According to the press release from the Bremerhaven police, the high school students are in the classrooms with their teachers. The police have the situation under control. The police measures continued. The Bremerhaven city council has set up an information phone for concerned parents, which can be reached on 0471/5902735.

According to “Nord24”, numerous parents had previously gathered in front of the school. As of late morning, there were still around 200 students in the building, which was far fewer than usual. Nord24 reports that the Abitur exams are taking place today.

The police asked witnesses to upload any existing video or photo material to an information portal.

Editor’s Note: This article has been updated several times.

Sources used: News portal “Nord 24” / police press release from the Bremerhaven police station