Lola Weippert has published a picture with a bleeding nose. After a doctor’s visit, she explains her state of health.

Lola Weippert (26) caused a shock moment on Instagram. The presenter shows up in a photo with a blood-smeared face. “Reminder: Listen to your body! Don’t ignore it, otherwise you may wake up tomorrow morning like this and you can apply directly to ‘Walking Dead’,” she writes about the picture with a bleeding nose. “Could also just post the perfectly filtered and edited pictures that I’m fine with, but that wouldn’t correspond to reality,” she continues. The reality on Instagram is the same as punctuality at Deutsche Bahn – “We urgently need more of it,” demands Weippert.

Lola Weippert: “I have to give my body some rest”

In an Instagram story, after a visit to the emergency room, the moderator explains what the possible reason for her nosebleed was. “The doctor says that I don’t have a cerebral hemorrhage (which some of you wrote to me), but that a few veins probably just burst and the bleeding was caused by the pressure,” writes Weippert, who is currently responsible for “RTL Turmouncing”. trained and splashed headfirst into the water in two jumps from three to five meters. But it could also be due to stress, the 26-year-old explains. If the nosebleeds happen again, she’ll have to see a doctor again next week.

The moderator has now canceled a trip to Milan for the About You Awards. “I have to give my body some rest so that I can finally regenerate completely.” She appeals to her followers: “If your body needs rest, give it to him! Don’t make the same mistake as me.”