London has invited US to unite in Alliance against the Chinese 5G

London invited Washington to form an alternative pool of technology providers for the deployment of 5G networks in order not to depend on China, reports the Times. For this purpose it is proposed to create an Alliance that would unite democracies 10 (D10). According to the British leadership in this Union must enter the country of the group of seven (G7), as well as Australia, South Korea and India.

One of the options is to the Alliance investment in technology companies based in its member States. Nokia and Ericsson are the only European 5G infrastructure providers, and experts say that they can’t provide a 5G-equipment as fast or as cheap as Huawei.

But the new restrictions on the Huawei, the Chinese telecommunications giant, has increased the relevance of the plan. Recall, Huawei is looking for manufacturing partners amid growing pressure on global suppliers of technology from the United States. The administration of the trump updated export rules. Now every semiconductor manufacturer that uses American equipment, it is prohibited to supply products to Huawei without the permission of the US government.

Huawei is developing a chip itself, but produces them from other companies. Informed manufacturing partner TSMC was Taiwan. By the end of 2019 on orders Huawei accounted for 14% of all released its chips, which made Huawei one of the major customers of TSMC.

However, new export rules mean that even non-U.S. chip manufacturers that use American technology of making chips will need to apply for a license before sending chips to Huawei or its 114 subsidiaries, including the company by designing chip HiSilicon.

This step again puts Huawei into the center of the U.S. plan for preventing technological dominance of China, as the administration trump and lawmakers expressed concern that dependencethe need for America from China in critical technology can jeopardize the country’s national security.

the Pentagon has even set out to create their own prototype mobile communication of the fifth generation. On the Agency’s website reported that the network construction is scheduled to begin at Nellis in July, and to fully launch the network plan in January of the following year. The military want to establish a base in Nevada mobile cell tower. Testing of a prototype 5G will take place in three phases and will take a year. Testing the network is already engaged in the States of Washington, California and Georgia.

But while the question of commercial 5G is still relevant. British officials declare that the market needs new participants and their absence and the reason for the references to Chinese Huawei. Representatives of the U.S. administration for months has lobbied for the idea that further cooperation with Chinese firm would have a negative impact on the relations in the sphere of security in London and Washington. U.S. officials have warned British Ministers that work with Huawei could “undermine” the exchange of intelligence between London and Washington.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson was outraged by trump administration in January, leaving the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei “limited powers” in the British development of the 5G network, despite warnings from the US about potential security risks.

the Leaders of Britain’s intelligence services, however, advised Boris Johnson to continue the cooperation with Huawei. Representatives of British intelligence, counter-intelligence (MI5, MI6), the government communications Centre (GCHQ) and the National centre of cyber security came to the conclusion that the activities of Chinese enterprises will not threaten British sovereignty, sources reported The Daily Mail. The British government said recently that will hold a new analysis of the role of Huawei in the deployment of 5G networks in the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson as soobset edition, also requested the experts to develop a plan for self-sufficiency of the country’s vital medical consumables and other strategic goods to get rid of dependence on Chinese imports. Now, according to experts, approximately 71 category of essential goods in the UK depend on supply from China. This includes pharmaceutical ingredients, industrial chemicals, and electronics, including mobile phones and laptops.

under the programme, codenamed Project Defend will define the key vulnerabilities of the economy in connection with a new approach to national security, given the pandemic of coronavirus, the publication reported.