David Hasselhoff turns 70 on Sunday. The celebrations will be with the crews from “Baywatch” and “Knight Rider.” “Everyone is invited,” says the entertainer, who always keeps himself fit, as he says.

American entertainer David Hasselhoff, who turns 70 on Sunday, still feels physically fit. “My muscles have a memory, so to speak. I still have them from my time at ‘Baywatch’,” said the American of the German Press Agency.

“I’ve trained so much in my life, almost every day. Today I train for two days and then take a break. But of course I can’t run or jump as intensively as I used to.”

David Hasselhoff bought himself a “special gift”.

The actor and singer (“Looking For Freedom”) wants to spend his milestone birthday with old companions. “I didn’t want to be alone that day, I wanted to celebrate with my old crews from Knight Rider and Baywatch. Everyone is invited, but I don’t know who’s coming.” Hasselhoff explained that he had bought himself a very special gift without revealing any details.

The television icon of the 80s and 90s still has some plans for the coming years and is confident about the future. “We should live life until it’s over. Who knows when it’s over. Maybe when you cross the street. So I’m enjoying it as much as I can.”

Hasselhoff is releasing his single “Damn it I love You” this Friday and starting pre-sales for a birthday anniversary box. Later this year he can also be seen in the RTL comedy series “Ze Network”.

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