Losev: information salvos United States hit the enemies and allies that bad they obey

In the United States found another proof of the Russian track in the protests. In the photo taken at demonstration in Houston, saw the hand of the police. On it the inscription “Russia”. Of course it’s a joke, but that in the protests rumbling across America blame the Russian, and talked seriously. In particular, such statements made the national security Advisor of former President Barack Obama.

General Director UK “the Companion” Alexander Losev has told on air of TV channel “Russia 24”, who and what creates the image of Russia as an enemy.

“of Course, this is a deliberate policy. And incidentally, we know “the author of the manuals” – Vladimir Ilyich Lenin. Then another — Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels – there is pure “Marxism — said Losev. He believes that during the collapse of globalization America, all the more difficult to fight for hegemony, which she introduces different tools to maintain influence. One of them is the sanctions, but they do not work well.

“And bad they work because U.S. allies refused to join the sanctions in full scale, as they have the same crisis, and their economies are necessary and hydrocarbons, and Russian markets and the cooperation, — said Losev. — It runs more information and weapons”. Russia, he said, declared “revisionist power” and enemy doctrinal documents of the national security Strategy of the United States, in its national defence Strategy, the review of the nuclear forces.

“the Information environment allows to create such a strategic weapon that can be used against their enemies, and in order to affect their allies, who are subject to bad or poorly managed,” said Losev.

the sight of West in the two main pillars on which, according to the United States, is Russia – the government and the economy. “In order to create this pressure, in order to make allies believe Russia is a terrible enemy… and are made that such information”, — says the head of “Satellite” controversial publication. Actively involved social media.

What to do with it? It is necessary, first, to control information and economic space, said Losev. “Secondly – to answer! But nothing to answer any such charge of Russia, but also to answer their own programs, their own ideas, just as once the Soviet Union responded just a different economy, a different model of development, — said General Director of “Sputnik”. — The Soviet Union showed the world that not only has the exploitation, oppression and so on, but there is something more than human.”

“now we must remember that we have a huge country, the history that we have some spiritual, moral values that, in principle, we can show the world and moral code to offer and its agenda. Here it is necessary to do, ‘ said Losev. — To show that we are not enemies, we are ready to cooperate with those who are really ready to consider us friends and partners. And we are ready to answer those who consider us enemies.”