There is currently an acute shortage of staff at many airports – baggage handling is also affected. What to do if your luggage is missing upon arrival – we give tips.

Lost baggage must be reported immediately to the airport baggage tracing desk. There travelers should fill out the so-called Property Irregularity Report. If the counter is closed, this form can often also be filled out online on the airport’s website.

If this offer is not available either, there is no way around visiting the airport again the following day. In order to make it easier to search for the piece of luggage, it is advisable to label your suitcase or backpack with the holiday and home address and to take a photo of your own piece of luggage.

Report baggage delay online

The airlines have set up special websites for this, which can be found under the keyword “Delayed Baggage Service”.

inform the airline

Travelers should also inform their airline of the loss of their baggage as soon as possible. When traveling with several different airlines, each one should be notified. According to the Hamburg consumer advice center, it is disputed whether an e-mail is sufficient for this – if you want to be on the safe side, you should send the advertisement in writing by registered mail or as a fax with a transmission report.

Know your rights

If the missing luggage can be found, the airline will normally deliver the suitcase or backpack to the traveler’s address. However, not all airlines offer this service – then the luggage has to be picked up from the airport.

If a piece of luggage is lost and cannot be retrieved, travelers are entitled to compensation of a maximum of 1400 euros per person – it is therefore better to transport really valuable items in hand luggage. In addition, to receive compensation, travelers must assert their rights within 21 days.

It is advisable to create a packing list before departure. Proof of purchase for the lost items can also be helpful. However, the new price will not be refunded.

get a replacement

If the suitcase is lost on the trip to vacation, travelers have to replace various products immediately: everyday items such as hygiene products or underwear can then be bought later, the costs are usually reimbursed by the airline within a reasonable framework – but the receipts must be provided for this To get picked up.

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