For many YouTube users it is the separation of the year: Julian Classen confirmed on Instagram that he and his wife, influencer Bianca Classen, have separated. Their relationship has been part of the success for years.

Fans cannot believe the news that Julian Classen announced on Friday afternoon: he and his wife Bianca Classen have split up. “I would very much like to put an end to the speculation. I’ll make it short and painless: Yes, it’s true, Bibi and I have split up. Bibi has split up. Rather, I can’t and I don’t want to say anything about it at the moment,” said the man from Cologne, who appears online under the name “Julienco”.

Julienco and Bibi: Separation after more than ten years of relationship

Bibi, that’s “BibisBeautyPalace”, a 29-year-old influencer who has built up a considerable empire with make-up videos on YouTube. And that’s exactly what should be in danger with the separation message.

Because Bibi and Julienco have always presented themselves as a unit. He met her when she was at school, accompanied her every step of the way in her online career and started her own YouTube channel. They had been a couple for 13 years. The two got married in September 2018, and now two children complete the family happiness.

Older generations have probably never heard of “BibisBeautyPalace”, but Claßen regularly triggered mass hysteria with their meet and greets. Her audience is mostly made up of young girls who trust her tips and quizzes. With almost six million subscribers, Bibi’s YouTube account is one of the most successful on the platform. Success that has paid off over the years.


Just last March, Bibi released a video in which she and husband Julian showed their new apartment in Spain. The two only resided there temporarily, because at the same time they built a holiday home in the southern European country. In addition to their real estate projects and their YouTube and Instagram channels, the two have a podcast together and earn their money with advertising projects, among other things.

With Bilou, Bianca Claßen also founded her own cosmetics company. She advertised the products exclusively on social networks, they are sold on the website and in almost every German drugstore. Even the shower gel brand’s Instagram account now has 1.6 million subscribers. In all probability, the success of the products is based not only on quality, but also on Bibi’s credibility. What she recommends to her fans, they want to buy.

fans are disappointed

And so Bibi and Julienco have become a brand over the years. The problem: Pictures allegedly show Bibi getting closer to a mutual friend. And Julian Classen was also reportedly seen with another woman. Should the marriage of the two Internet stars end in a dirty way and possibly even a war of the roses, it could have a significant impact on their careers and finances.

Under the Instagram posts, fans are already speculating about the separation. Some are already accusing the ex-couple of having given the wrong image with their posts. “Everything is just fake, as you can see now,” comments a user on a family picture of the Claßens with their children. Still others accuse Classen of having destroyed her family. “Destroyed everything for another guy,” writes one user.

As of now, the greatest asset – especially from Bibi Claßen – is in danger: her credibility. After her husband’s announcement, the influencer waited a long time before she published a statement herself and confirmed the separation.