The bodies of a 53-year-old and her 59-year-old husband are found in the Hanover region. Apparently, they had been missing from relatives for days. Investigators suspect a crime.

In the Hanover region, a married couple has become the victim of a violent crime in a remote single-family home.

The bodies of the 53-year-old woman and her 59-year-old husband were found in Neustadt am Rübenberge, a police spokesman said on Tuesday. A search is being made for the unknown perpetrator or perpetrators.

According to previous knowledge, relatives had not heard from the spouses for days. When the couple did not open the front door despite the relatives ringing and knocking on Monday afternoon, they dialed the emergency number. According to the police, the crew of a radio patrol car gained access to the house in the Hagen district at 4:25 p.m. and found the two lifeless residents. The permanent criminal service secured tracks and took pictures well into the night. In addition, witnesses were interviewed.

Police start calling witnesses

After analyzing the crime scene, the investigators do not assume an extended suicide, but a homicide. They initially gave no information about the circumstances of death and the situation in which the two bodies were found. It was not said whether there was evidence of a break-in.

The house is secluded at the end of a path between fields near train tracks. The property was secured with police tape. On Tuesday, among other things, the bodies of the dead should be autopsied in order to draw further conclusions about the circumstances of death. A preliminary result of the autopsy is expected in the course of the week, said a spokeswoman for the Hanover public prosecutor.

The police also launched an appeal for witnesses: Anyone who has observed suspects in the vicinity of the apartment building since May 20 is asked to report. Hagen is a good 30 kilometers northwest of Hanover on the border with the district of Nienburg.