Shock in Bienenbüttel in Lower Saxony: residents hear shots and screams in a residential area. The police find three dead. Has a dispute between neighbors escalated?

Three dead bodies were found on neighboring residential properties in Bienenbüttel, Lower Saxony. According to initial findings, there was a bloody altercation between the neighbors, the police said.

The dead are an 85-year-old property owner and the 62-year-old owner of the neighboring property and his 61-year-old wife.

In the residential area in Bargdorf, a district of Bienenbüttel in the Uelzen district, residents heard several gunshots and screams at noon and informed the police, according to the evening message. A large number of emergency services cordoned off the area over a large area. A lifeless person was then discovered outside of a property.

In cooperation with special forces from the Hamburg police and the special task force in Hanover, the rest of the property was secured and the residential building entered. Since several firearms were permitted on the 85-year-old as a person entitled to hunt, the police officers acted with a high degree of caution. In the course of the operation, the other two dead were then found. Investigations into the background are still ongoing, it said.