Lukashenka concerned about the

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko in the near future want to discuss with the Russian leader Vladimir Putin the situation of external interference in the presidential election.

According to him, opponents of the Belarusian authorities demand fair and honest elections, and they behave dishonestly. Lukashenka noted that “behind them are puppeteers,” who are in Poland and Russia, BelTA reports.

“Apply the most modern phony technology, is the intervention from abroad in our elections, internal Affairs,” — said Lukashenko.

Lukashenka Also called a “terrible fake” information about 840 millions of dollars in a Swiss Bank account of his son. A screenshot of the accounts at Credit Suisse, who allegedly belongs to Viktor Lukashenko, appeared in one of the Telegram channels.

Lukashenko has offered to take the money to the one who wants it: “Send up through diplomatic channels a letter: who wants to take the money, he will get taken away.”

According to the Belarusian President, with such fakes trying to discredit the government. Moreover, it “is tossed structures “babichevskaya”, “nazarani” from Russia”. “Then they will apologize, withdraw. But people in the brain has catapulted it,” — said the Belarusian President demanded to deal with unreliable information.

Lukashenka’s Statements said the press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov. He stressed that “Russia will never interfere, interfere or meddle in anyone’s electoral processes,” especially in the election of its ally – Belarus.

He said that the Kremlin has not yet received any evidence from the Belarusian side. “Probably, some arguments must be provided by the party that (accused), — said Peskov. — As for the investigation, we, thank God, not in Washington, live.” According to him, you need to think about tom, “how can be true such accusations against our country.”