Lukashenko about coronavirus: three months I went crazy - a Free Press

Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko said he was worried that because of the situation with a new type of coronavirus COVID-19.

“I, as President, mind stepping down, three months, those worried about what is happening with this Kovalam. I’m not an idiot, I also understand that in the world, one country a special way took the fight against this virus. I think, moreover, that you do not understand, and God forbid, we can’t stop — you just start about me on the doormat. I think it’s easy? It is not easy. But we won”, — quotes Lukashenko the TV channel “Belarus 1”.

I Explained the politician and his advice is that the virus need to treat a tractor, alcohol and bath.

“When I said that the tractor will be cured, I know I need to sow, because you will have nothing to eat. I people tried to calm,” — said Alexander Lukashenko. However, he said that the government was keeping “in reserve all the way up to curfew.”

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