Lukashenko: Belarus is the only ally that remained in Russia

the President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko gave an assessment of the relations existing between the Republic and Russia.

“the Only ally that remained in Russia, — Belarus”, — said Lukashenko.

According to the President of Belarus, it is important for Russia to keep relations with the Republic and from an economic point of view, as Belarusians buy Russian gas and process Russian oil. But most of all, Russia does not want to lose Belarus from a political point of view, Lukashenko assured.

“Because, having lost Belarus, will be a heavy blow to Russia’s domestic policy”, — he said during a speech in Minsk region, reports “Interfax”.

Commenting on relations with the EU, Alexander Lukashenko said that the Europeans “a lot of fouling” of Belarus, imposing sanctions, but was unable to subordinate the Republic to its influence. Later, according to the Belarusian leader, the EU realized its mistake.

“We began with them to build relationships, not lying under them, I’m sorry, folk said. We wanted to adequately cooperate with them, they accepted it,” — said the President of Belarus.