Lukashenko, Lavrov conveyed greetings from Putin

on Friday, June 19, for a meeting with President of Belarus arrived in Minsk the Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov. Alexander Lukashenko assured the diplomat that in the relations of the two countries will be able to solve the existing “not catastrophic” problems.

Sergei Lavrov began communicating with the Belarusian leader with the words that does not convey to him greetings from President Vladimir Putin, as they have just before the meeting, a telephone conversation. Alexander Grigoryevich was not taken aback and replied that he wants to say Hello from the Russian “chief”.

Lukashenko noted that he and Putin had an open and good conversation. “Although many here think we have something to spark”, — said the Belarusian leader, stressing that they did not spark, and the problem is always there. Sergei Lavrov responded with the following words: “the spark needed for the spark to go forward,” BelTA reports.

Alexander Lukashenko, during the conversation with the Russian diplomat drew attention to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic has brought many problems. According to Lukashenko, the negative aspects in the political life of Russia and Belarus ‘flipped’. The President gave an example whereby in the Kremlin the problem of the roof in connection with the adoption of new amendments to the Constitution, and in Minsk — presidential elections. Lukashenko also said that the worsening relations between the two countries will not work in those who seek to push the country’s foreheads.

Recall that in Belarus now, a scandal erupted over the detention of presidential candidate Viktor Babariko. He was accused of illegal activity, theft, money laundering. The politician is a former head of Belgazprombank.

the Chairman of the state control Committee of Belarus Ivan Tertel said that the activities of Babariko are “puppeteers” from outside “Gazprom”. Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov commented on such a rant. He noted that Moscow is not their candidatethe date for the presidential elections in Belarus.