Lukashenko told about the envy of Russians, Belarusians and fullness presidential shares

on Friday, July 3 Belarus celebrates independence Day. In this regard, the President of the country Alexander Lukashenko has addressed to citizens with speech, which raised a number of political relations with Russia.

According to the Belarusian leader, today his country is “breaking”. Allegedly afraid of losing Belarus to the East. “I do not hide and understand our brothers-Russians”, — said Alexander Lukashenko. According to him, they’re not going to run, but I want to be in the “common house” to be treated like human beings.

Lukashenko also noted that Russians and Ukrainians envy Belarusians. This is due to the fact that in Belarus there is no war, it is a safe, quiet country at any time of the day. Alexander Lukashenko noted that the country’s citizens live and do not know how they got it. “We did it with you,” the President said to the people of Belarus.

Alexander Lukashenko said that you have done enough and had enough of this “President’s share”. According to him, he participates in the campaign because that holds the chair bruised fingers. The leader of the state drew attention to the fact that the Board gave Belarus the best years of his life.

the President noted that the reforms will not solve the country’s problems, as they result someone stuffed his pockets, and someone will walk again with pots from villages and small towns in the hero-city of Minsk. As an example, Lukashenko cited the US, where millions of unemployed and food riots, as well as Russia, which has nowhere to go gold and metals. “We only have hands, brains, head on his shoulders,” — said Alexander Lukashenko. His speech was published on the official portal of the President.

Earlier, the Russian Ambassador in Belarus Dmitry Mezentsev has commented on the words Lukashenko that Minsk is the only remaining ally to Russia.