One more image in the album of the franco-German reconciliation: Emmanuel Macron, taking the hands of Angela Merkel’s before she puts her forehead towards him, seeking a sign of communion. In the clearing of Rethondes, where was signed the armistice ending the First world War, the French president and the German chancellor paid tribute to the friendship that is built between the two countries in the aftermath of the Second world War.

“On the occasion of the centenary of the armistice of November 11, 1918, Mr. Emmanuel Macron, president of the French Republic, and Mrs. Angela Merkel, federal chancellor of the federal Republic of Germany, reaffirmed by the value of the franco-German reconciliation at the service of Europe and of peace”, we read on the plaque that they have inaugurated. Between the two countries, the story is a cement more durable than the political.

Emmanuel Macron and Angela Merkel are delivered to the fiscal year with the application. They have staged their proximity to remember that peace was the primary reason for being of Europe

The snapshot is part of a tradition: Konrad Adenauer and Charles de Gaulle in the cathedral of Reims in 1962, Helmut Kohl, and …

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